Why Breathe Again !!

Since 2015

Breathe Again is a lifestyle brand obsessed with helping people live a healthy life. Started by Dimple and Ritesh Bawri we believe in preventive healthcare. Our health is determined by what we eat and the things we use in our homes - cosmetics or lifestyle products. Our goal is to find the best products that are clean and chemical-free that promotes good health.

Who Are We ?

Ritesh Bawri is a world-renowned wellness guide, mentor and nutritionist. He has a certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and Nutrition from Tufts and Stanford Medical School. He is a fourth-generation entrepreneur turned fitness enthusiast. He is India’s leading nutritionist and wellness coach, much sought after by people from all walks of life – Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Celebrities to improve or reverse their health conditions. Every product is carefully curated by Dimple and Ritesh Bawri. It is what we eat. It is what we use!

Our Team

Meet Breathe Again

We come from the same background and lifestyle as you do
and so we understand what it takes to build a healthy lifestyle for you

Ritesh Bawri

Ritesh Bawri is globally recognised health and wellness influencer

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Dimple Bawri

Dimple curates the finest cuisines from across the world that help you regain good health

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