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Kimchi is a staple in Asian cuisine. Fermented vegetables such as cabbage and welsh are used. A wide variety of seasonings, including spring onions, garlic, ginger and herbs, brings out the flavour. It brings a world of goodness, including good gut bacteria or probiotics. Kimchi contains the same good bacteria lactobacillus found in yoghurt. So if you are lactose intolerant or avoid dairy, Kimchi is an excellent substitute to get your probiotics. Breatheagain Kimchi is made from chemical-free ingredients grown especially for you. No added preservatives or flavors.

Our Kimchi is made from chemical-free ingredients grown especially for us. No preservatives have been added. The shelf life is over a year, provided you store it in a refrigerator.  In fact, kimchi tastes better as it pickles in a jar. 

How to Use
Take a spoonful of kimchi and add it to your soup or as a condiment to your main meal. Eat it first thing in the morning to help proliferate good bacteria. 

Product Shelf Life
Best use before 3 months from the date of packing

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